Dunc's Special


 Dunc’s Special


Hook – Martinek 8xl size 1, sharpest one in the pack.

Tag – 3 or 4 turns of fine gold oval tinsel

Tip – Small section of fluorescent green UNI-Stretch behind small section of Chinese Red UNI-Stretch

Rib – fine oval gold tinsel

Body – orange floss

Belly – Light Dun or tan bucktail

Throat – Black hen hackle

Underwing – 5 or 6 Peacock herls, over which are two pieces of orange floss (one long over the top of one short.)  Slightly stiffened with wax or thin cement due to length.)

Wing – 4 Ash (medium dun) colored saddle hackles

Shoulder – Mallard dyed dun

Cheek – Jungle Cock, large


In memory of Warren Duncan, renowned hairwing Atlantic Salmon fly tyer from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  Dunc had a fondness for the streamer patterns of Carrie Stevens of Maine, and this pattern is dressed in her style.  He was likely the fastest and most exacting fly tyer who will ever live.  Remembered by many for his quick wit, generosity and for his fly tying demonstrations choreographed to the poems of Robert Service.  In particular, Service’s “The Cremation of Sam McGee”, signified in the ‘ash’ coloration of the wing and shoulders used in this fly.  Dunc was also known for popularizing the Undertaker salmon fly, and his favorite fly was the Rusty RAT.  Elements of both patterns have been incorporated here – the tag/tip section and throat are representative of the Undertaker and the body and veiling elements are borrowed from the Rusty RAT - the floss veils replacing the golden pheasant crest typical in the underwing of Carrie Stevens’ Gray Ghost. 

~Chris Del Plato  2007