Carrie Stevens Style References


Suggested References for the Stevens Style Library:


Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing by Joseph D. Bates, Stackpole 1995

Considered the streamer and bucktail 'bible'.  Thorough coverage of streamer fishing theory and techniques, fly pattern recipes and their origins.  Contains discussion of the Stevens style streamer.  The 1995 edition is the revised version of the original 1966 release, with additional color plates by Mike Radencich , as well as added correspondence and patterns in the appendix.  These new color plates are mainly examples of some of the important streamers as dressed by their originators, and include some Stevens flies.  Also similar, but worth seeking out for their content differences are Bates' "Streamers and Bucktails : The Big Fish Flies" (1970) and the precursor to all the aforementioned, "Streamer Fly Fishing for Fresh and Salt Water" (1950).  Copies are easily found online.

Carrie Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies by Graydon and Leslie Hilyard, Stackpole 2000

The definitive book on Carrie's life, times, family, influential personalities, streamer patterns and the Rangeley region.  Painstakingly researched and wonderfully illustrated, this is a must own for anyone truly enamoured with Mrs. Stevens' contributions.  Photographs of many of Carrie's original flies accompany the text and pattern listings in the rear, along with exacting replicas dressed by Les Hilyard filling the gaps where a Stevens original was not available.  This title has become somewhat scarce and collectible.

Classic Maine Streamers with Mike Martinek Jr. - Hooked on Fly Tying Video Series, Bennett-Watt Media 1999 

Nothing will vault one up the Stevens learning curve faster than this video by world renowned streamer tyer Mike Martinek.  His insights into tying and material handling for this streamer style, along with a few of his own 'wrinkles' demonstrated while tying a Pink Ghost, are a veritable private lesson.  This particular title has recently been released on DVD.  Along with the three other Martinek titles in this series (VHS), a great investment for the  intermediate streamer tyer.  Can be located online. 


Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon by Dick Stewart and Bob Leeman, The Stephen Greene Press 1982

Out of print and not easily found, the front of this book contains one of the best concise histories of the northeastern streamer fly in print.  Pattern listings fill the remainder of the book, many with color fly plates.  The book offers a good sampling of Carrie Stevens patterns dressed by H. Wendell Folkins, who purchased Carrie's Rangeley Favorite Trout & Salmon Fly business from her in 1953.  An online supplement has been assembled in the streamer section of the Global Fly Fisher website , showing many of the flies in the book where patterns were given but no photo. 

Carrie Stevens- A Fly Tyer's Progress (article) , The American Fly Fisher Magazine - Journal ofthe American Museum of Fly Fishing, Spring 2002, Vol. 28, No. 2  byGraydon and Leslie Hilyard

A revealing article which chronicles the evolution of Carrie's flies along her tying career, from initial experiments to final revisions.   Also included is a 'Blue Devil Autopsy', where the author disassembles a damaged Carrie Stevens original, step by step, revealing details of her tying methods. Click title above (linked to the magazine issue pdf).

Forgotten Flies by Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils, The Complete Sportsman 1999

A large section of this mammoth book features the Rangeley Region and its heyday luminaries Herb Welch, Carrie Stevens, etc.  The large format and stunning photography are the hallmarks of the Schmookler/Sils publications.  A large group of Carrie's originals are featured in a foldout page, and another collection of her original streamers are laid out in the addendum.  Page after page of Carrie's patterns, dressed by Argentinian Marcelo Morales, visually dazzle.  A color poster of these Morales-tied Stevens flies was released with the book. Note: While the tying is impeccable from an aesthetic/artistic standpoint, the Stevens Style is somewhat misrepresented here.

Also of note:

Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer, Countryman Press 2004

 A fine tutorial book covering step-by-step tying sequences of many of the more popular streamer types, including the Stevens style.  Material selection is also discussed.  There is a color gallery in the rear of the book featuring both established and new streamer patterns, dressed by modern tyers.  Many of these are also in the Stevens style.  There are some unfortunate mistakes in pattern origination credits and reference list, however.  Still in print.


Smelt Fly Patterns: Dressing, Tying and Fishing by Donald Wilson, Frank Amato Publications 1996

Author and Maine Guide Don Wilson has assembled this thorough collection of smelt streamer and bucktail patterns, some of which are in the Carrie Stevens style.  An invaluable reference for those who ply northeastern waters where Osmerus Mordax is the main dish.  Carried by most large online booksellers.  


Streamer Flies for Trolling and Casting, Volumes 1 and 2 by Mike Martinek, Jr., self published 1993, 1998 

Beautiful collections of artistic and effective streamers, designed and dressed by one of the modern masters of the genre.  Many of these fall into the 'Rangeley Style' classification.  Small format.  Both volumes were limited printings and can take some time to track down, but are worth the effort. 

Flies: Their Origin, Natural History, Tying, Hooks, Patterns and Selections of Dry and Wet Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Salmon Flies for Fresh and Salt Water in North America and the British Isles, Including A Dictionary of 2200 Patterns

by J. Edson Leonard, A.S. Barnes 1950.

One of the early fly tying references, covering fly patterns, tying techniques, materials and history.  One of its most interesting aspects, from a streamer standpoint, is the collection letters to the author included in the rear of the book from Carrie Stevens, Herb Welch and others.  Used copies easily found for short money.


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